By The Dart guide to using Social Media Marketing

Why should my business use Social Media Marketing?


Having just written a series of posts this month explaining how By The Dart helps local businesses in the Dartmouth area use social media marketing,  I thought it appropriate to add this post as it is both topical and relevant.

As I was writing yesterday afternoon, I was aware of the radio being on in the background. It was Steve Wright’s afternoon programme and what made me stop and take note was a small item he was telling his listeners about. Apparently, the programme now has a You Tube video ‘spot’. This is where they find a funny video on You Tube and ask their listeners to go and watch it. They do this by telling people to firstly find the Radio 2 Facebook page, then to click the ‘Like’ button before using the link on the page to direct them to the funny video of the day. All good stuff.

Now what made me stop and take note was this. At By The Dart we still get local businesses say to us things like; “yes but isn’t Facebook just for youngsters or students…?” or  “we would use Facebook but our customers aren’t really the kind of people to use Facebook thanks..” We also know that loads of local businesses just do not appreciate how important and effective the internet is becoming in respect of the social media side of things. Most people have heard of Facebook or Twitter and YouTube but they don’t understand how it can work for their own business and don’t think it is suitable!

Well one thing I know for sure is that Radio 2 is the most popular radio station in this country. It’s listener demographic surely includes most local businesses. So if they are using social media and trying to build their fans and followers on line it is probably a good idea to copy them, don’t you think?

To find out more about social media marketing and how you may be missing a tick, just get in touch and arrange to have a chat.

Contact Alan – 07920 053580; or Tweet us @ByTheDart; or send us a message on Facebook – find us at ‘By The Dart’ (and please don’t forget to Like our page?)

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