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Explaining how ‘By The Dart’ is evolving

blogger_256This is the first in a series of posts about the other side of By The Dart, the online part – By The Dart Online (BTDO) You may be reading this online now on our blog (  ) or in our magazine. And it is particularly to our magazine readers that this post is written. We want to explain about our online network of sites that some of you might not be aware of.

You see, whilst BTD started life purely as a magazine, it now has a substantial and growing presence online. That presence has just been strengthened considerably by the launch of our new website ( Why did we need to launch a new site? Well, to keep abreast of the developments in social marketing and the growth and popularity of social networking.

The media format is transformed. Traditional media, especially newspapers, have changed. The trend now is to be online, digital and bursting with images (the new name for photographs) and video! The advantages are clear. Once online, you can link everything together and share things in a way you simply cannot achieve with traditional media. Having a social network means BTD can reach people at any time between magazine Grt FBpublications and bring up to the minute news and photos of events going on in and around Dartmouth. But more than this it means we have the opportunity to interact with our readers and followers. On Facebook we often get comments and messages from people all over this country and abroad. Something that doesn’t happen with the magazine.

BTDO compliments the magazine perfectly. By showcasing articles and features from the magazine we reach a far wider audience. We like to feel we are marketing Dartmouth positively to a huge number of people. For instance we now have established accounts with Facebook (750+ fans), Twitter (1900+ followers), Pinterest (3,100+ followers), Blog, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube. Interestingly if you multiply the number of fans or followers for all our sites by the average number of followers people have you get an almost unbelievable figure of over 1,000,000 people that we can theoretically reach. Staggering! This is the power of the interweb. The reason why it works so well is actually quite simple. It is based upon the principle of ‘word of mouth’ recommendation. People telling or sharing good things with their friends. We encourage this and make it easy to do.Pin

One of our main aims with BTDO is to build a ‘Dartmouth Hub’ An online presence for Dartmouth which links together all the Dartmouth online businesses into a united network. This network or ‘Hub’ can then be promoted really effectively. So we are starting to work on this project. First by collating all the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Dartmouth based and Dartmouth focussed businesses into a directory. Then we aim to talk to as many local businesses as possible without a strong online presence to help them get started and linked in. We may decide to run short courses on how to set up social marketing platforms and help local companies get the most from their involvement. Or we may be able to help by offering free Facebook and Twitter accounts, subject to certain conditions. Please let us know if you might be interested.Pack 1

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