How to use Hashtags on Facebook and why!

New feature on Facebook should help Dartmouth businesses

hashtagsFacebook has recently introduced a feature that will be familiar to people using other social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, amongst others: the hashtag or #. It is a clever little device that helps you build or search for lists on any site that promotes its use.

If you prefix any word with a hashtag, it turns that symbol into  a powerful and ‘sticky’ list builder. You can also join words together so that a phrase becomes ‘hashtagged’

So local #DartmouthUK businesses could start including it in posts and status updates on Facebook. Then if anyone clicks on a #DartmouthUK word it will take them to a list of all posts that have included the same. Thereby building a list of local businesses in one place.


Why not try it out and let us know what you think?

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