Social Media Marketing with By The Dart..part 3

Grt TTwitter

  • How it works

Twitter works a bit like telegrams used to, except that often everyone gets to see the content! You open an account and then can start sending messages to the world providing they only contain 140 characters. This encourages abbreviation, slang and outrageous tweaks to our language. You can also include links to pictures, video, blogs, websites and almost anything that is digital and on-line. This makes it very powerful at driving traffic. It is fast, immediate and messages although primarily aimed at the people who actively follow you, can easily go viral and spread across the globe. This was demonstrated this year when civil strife occurred in the middle east and news of it reached the rest of the world almost instantly, mainly fuelled by tweets and FB posts

  • How BTD uses it

By The Dart uses Twitter to tell its followers when a new issue is published, when something interesting has or is going to happen in Dartmouth and to inform people about what our advertisers are up to and give them easy links to follow to the relevant website or article, picture or video.

  • What it does for BTDBY THE DART DOT TV 250x250

It is another example of increasing our on-line presence. With over 1400 followers, we can get a message across to a huge number of people very effectively. If our ‘tweet’ is interesting or informative then most of these 1400 people have the opportunity to pass it on by ‘re-tweeting’ or copying the message to their followers. So for example, the average Tweeter has 126 followers. If all of our followers forwarded our message it could reach 1400 x 126 = 176,400+ people. And of course some of these could send it on again. During President Obama’s inauguration in January, more than 300 tweets per second were being added to the message queue! Powerful stuff. Using Twitter also means that By The Dart can be found on the web by new followers that little bit more easily. It increases our web ‘footprint’ and makes it even easier for search engines to track us down.

  • What our advertisers get from it

Mentions and promotion of specific events or products. It gives them the ability to send out  instant messages but perhaps more importantly it provides a means of opening a conversation with other users. Thus building a ‘social network’ that then works by word of mouth to circulate your message. This way you can reach people you have never met or would never be likely to meet, as if by magic!

  • What they could get from it

There is a lot more potential to push great content from subscribers and drive traffic back to their site of choice. By joining By The Dart’s network, any message an advertiser tweets will be shown on our Twitter account and be visible to all of our existing followers as well as their own. Of course if any of our advertisers want help to set up and grow a Twitter account then we can help. Why not get in touch and arrange to have a chat about what Twitter can do for you?

Contact us here: Alan –; 07920 053580; @bythedart; via comments to this post, below.

Pack 1

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Social Media Marketing with By The Dart…. part 2

By The Dart’s Social Media Platforms  of Choice

fb2Facebook – the biggest and arguably the best for most businesses?

  • Short history of Facebook

Facemash, the first iteration of Facebook was started in October 2003. This became in January 2004 which in turn became Facebook. It launched in the UK in October 2005 but really took off in September 2006 when it was opened to anyone over 13 yrs who had an email address. As of October 2012 it has 1,000,000,000 users. It has ‘caught on’

  • BTD history with Facebook

By The Dart joined Facebook on 2nd February 2011. It now has just over 1,000 fans so our rate of growth has not quite matched Facebook. Our love of FB has not diminished, although FB does make itself hard to love and there have been some ‘interesting’ developments over the last couple of years to cope with. It is the biggest  social media site in the world and still growing, it suits By The Dart and our advertisers extremely well. Here’s why…

  • Key elements of Facebook

Facebook is a sharing, social site that encourages networking and features images and video strongly. With social media marketing, the ‘social’ part of the name means people are primarily concerned with reading about interesting stuff  from interesting people and not sales pitches. Too much sales talk means people simply click onto someone else’s site. Get your content right and you will build followers and fans interested in what you have to say, who will pass the word on to their friends and followers.

  • What we get out of it

We get to reach a wider audience, get great fan feedback and the chance to interact with our customers and potential customers. We get to reach other people we would otherwise have no chance of meeting through the amazing power of networking. What used to be called ‘word of mouth’ recommendation. 1.FB.follow.logo  

  • What our advertisers get out of it

Greater reach and exposure to potential customers and the ability to interact with existing customers and future customers. It is almost impossible to achieve this without FB.

  • What our readers get out of it

Our readers get to see another side to the businesses and enjoy some wonderful things it’s just not possible to put into a magazine or an advert anywhere else.

  • What our ‘fans’ get out of it

Become a fan of our Facebook Pages and you get to feel that you have joined a company ‘club’. Exclusive insights into what the business is doing. You feel part of the company, closer to the company you really like or want to get to know. You get links to videos and articles that expand your understanding of the companies standards, style and character. You get to see a different more informal side to By The Dart but most importantly you get the opportunity to ask us things, tell us things and let us know how you feel about the stuff we do! Take part in competitions, surveys and much more.

  • What our advertisers could get out of it

There is a huge potential, currently untapped, that By The Dart advertisers could take more advantage of. They could contribute more great content to our on-line pages and reach even more people by working with us to increase their on-line exposure through the By The Dart network. For those local businesses that have not yet developed a full social media marketing presence, we can help. We can arrange a meeting to discuss your thoughts and ideas. Then we will come up with ideas and build you a new network, or adapt an existing one, that can be linked to our existing on-line presence. This way you get up to speed right away, with access to our large fan base. We can create and manage the whole thing for you or hand it over to you to run. You can start off gently with just one platform, such as a Facebook Page or put together a comprehensive structure including all the main sites that are right for you. We advise – You choose. It’s completely flexible. For more experienced social media marketers we can offer a consultancy service. Helping you to improve and streamline an existing setup. All initial discussion are free and without obligation. Give us a call – Alan 07920 053580 / depledge or Mark 01803 835740 /

  • What next?

In 2013 we hope to develop a closer integration of Facebook with our other activities particularly our website: By The Dart will also be looking to improve our use of YouTube with our growing library of great videos from around the area. Dartmouth is such a fantastic place to market and promote so we will be looking for even more ways to do this across the internet. We also want to work more closely with our advertisers to ensure they get the best possible value from advertising with By The Dart by utilising all of our media outlets not just the magazine! Most importantly we also want to work on developing a closer relationship with our on-line fans who love By The Dart and encourage more feedback and interaction. That way we can be certain we are going in the right direction for everyone.

  • Example

A recent post, featuring  a night time photo taken with a Smartphone, of our lovely Foss Street all decked out in its Christmas trimmings turned into the most popular post we have ever made on Facebook. Almost 1,000 people saw and interacted with it. Nearly 800 people passed the image onto friends and loads of people near and far commented or clicked the like button. Proving you don’t always need an expensive camera or a professional  photographer, just great content and a healthy network of followers, friends and fans.

If you would like to discuss using social media marketing for your business, without obligation, why not give us a call or a tweet or a text or an email?

Alan 07920 053580; @bythedart;  Mark 01803 835740;

Pack 1

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Social Media Marketing with By The Dart…part 1

By The Dart -more than just a magazine!

Pack 1

When you pay for an advert in By The Dart you get more than just the space in our magazine. Here is an insight into the on-line activity that helps promote your local business to a potential audience of over 250,000 people around the world every week!

  • Why are we writing this post?

Most people you speak to in Dartmouth know about our magazine ‘By The Dart’ and seem to like it. It is after all the best read local publication by far and that’s good. By the same token, a lot of those same people who enjoy our magazine are unfamiliar with our internet activity. Friends of mine often remark on how much time I seem to spend on Facebook, muttering things like “haven’t you got a proper job to go to…?” So here is our explanation of that shadowy world we call social media marketing, how it works, how we use it and why!

  • Our aims – why we do SMM

We do it for our advertisers mainly. It is the best way to increase our ‘reach’ Our advertisers get exposure to around 12,000 readers of our magazine each month, which is great and it seems to work really well. Our social media marketing activity adds literally hundreds of thousands more potential fans or followers on line who are there permanently. This number grows steadily every month.  It has helped to build and establish our brand beyond the Dartmouth area. Our advertisers like that! It also allows By The Dart and Dartmouth lovers to keep in touch on line. We regularly receive comments from fans who live outside of Dartmouth, thanking us for publishing the magazine on line. And of course we have a constant stream of comments on our various social media platforms from people living all over the world who like to keep in touch. One example is Heather Long who used to live in Dartmouth and write articles for the magazine. Heather now lives in New Zealand, she couldn’t live further from Dartmouth if she tried. Heather keeps in touch via Facebook and we love hearing from her.

  • How it works – what we actually do BY THE DART DOT TV 250x250

Marketing has changed. Technology through the internet enables businesses to reach more people than ever before. Also, the type of marketing has changed. What used to be called outbound marketing has changed into inbound marketing. Companies would use newspaper adverts, direct mail shots, leaflet drops, posters etc to reach out into the market place and hope to find potential customers randomly. Nowadays customers looking for a service or product jump onto the internet and use Google to find what they are after. So companies need to ensure their potential customers can find them on-line. This means targeted customers can end up coming to your business.  But will they find you?

Most companies large or small now understand the need for a website which is good. However, the internet is a busy place and getting busier every hour. Having just a website is no longer enough. You need to create a large presence on the ‘interweb’ to make it easier for them to find you. This is where social media marketing (SMM) comes in. Just about everyone now knows how phenomenally popular social media is. Facebook has around 1 billion users and rising. There are in excess of 200 assorted social media  sites already and this number increases steadily.

So where do you start? How do you choose? Who do you call? What do you, as a small business do?

Easy – you call, email, tweet, message, write (!) or contact in some way your local magazine – By The Dart!

But why would you want to do that??

Here’s why:

BTD LMS logo 2

By The Dart set up Local Media Services (LMS) several years ago to expand the brand on-line and use the power of social media to market the magazine to a larger audience. Through LMS, we constantly study and monitor existing and developing social media platforms. We use the very best and most popular ones to increase our on-line infrastructure. We currently utilise Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger and to a lesser extent YouTube to both promote ourselves and our subscribers. In addition we have launched a brand new website, in 2012. This is designed to integrate fully with our social media activity. has been launched to offer local advertisers a better platform with which to promote their businesses. Because this new site is video and image rich, it makes it easy to push content across the SMM landscape, promoting local companies across the world wide web.

  • Platform Integration

To get the most from social media marketing, you need to link your sites together. They reinforces one another. The back links constantly refresh each site, helping improve rankings on the search engines. Working together they exert a tremendous  marketing effort on your behalf. When all your internet sites are joined together with your company website you have a lattice work or ‘virtual spiders web’ sat on-line waiting for potential customers to find you.. This gives a potential customer more chance of finding you on the web. They may not see your website but if they look for an image on Pinterest or a status update on Facebook this will lead them back to your website. People may also simply stumble across your business whilst ‘surfing’ the net. They find a Facebook page or a reference to a post. They may see a Tweet from you. Maybe they are keen Pinterest fans and one of you images catches their eye. More importantly, it is often a friend of theirs that sees the link and then alerts them to an interesting product, service or similar. All of these things are linked to your central company website and they encourage an almost effortless journey back to your company HQ. And this can be either a basic website that simply has your contact details listed or a full blown mega site with shopping carts and e-commerce and same day dispatches from a trans-global corporation. The result will (should be) the same. A satisfied customer. It is what most consumers have come to expect these days.

Part 1 of a series of articles on By The Dart’s social media marketing programme. Other posts to follow.

Pack 1

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By The Dart Reader Survey

Win A Kindle Touch in the ‘By The Dart’ reader survey:

We want to find out what you like best/least about ‘By The Dart’ magazine and how/where we can improve it. We think you, the readers, are the best people to help make the magazine even better!

All you need do is follow the link below and take just 5 minutes to fill in our on-line survey.

Leave us your email address and we’ll enter you into our prize draw to win a Kindle Touch at the end of September.

Reader Survey

We would also like to find out a bit about your shopping habits and which of the local activities /attractions you’re most interested in because the local business community are increasingly focused on how to attract more business to Dartmouth.

Again follow the links below, fill in the surveys and be entered into the prize draw.

Shopping Survey

Out & About Survey

If you have any problems, simply email us at and we will forward you the links

Thanks for you support and good luck in the prize draw!

The lucky winner will be announced on our website and Facebook Page in October.

NB: Your information and emails will only be used by By The Dart and will NOT be passed onto third parties


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The Flavel Arts Centre, Dartmouth looking for Trustees

Three new Trustees to be appointed

Are you are a keen on the Arts, and would you like to contribute your time and energy to help shape and secure the future of the Flavel Arts Centre, now in its eighth successful year at the very centre of the community?  

If your answer is yes, the Flavel is looking for three people to join as Trustees to succeed retiring members all of whom have given many years of service.

If you have an interest in helping in one of the following areas we would like to hear from you.

  • External Relations: A good communicator is needed who will enjoy being the “Face of the Flavel” to the people of the South-West and beyond. Experience in the media world or public relations would be especially useful as would knowledge of communicating via social networks.
  • Secretarial: A tidy mind, good attention to detail and ideally a legal background is required to ensure the smooth running of the Trust and compliance with the requirements of company law, charity law and the Trust’s governing principles.
  • Business support: This Trustee will initially have an advisory role and applicants with experience of running a small/medium sized business would be particularly welcome.

All of these roles are voluntary posts. The reward is the satisfaction of making a real contribution to the local community and joining friendly, enthusiastic  people to maintain and develop this thriving arts centre. The Flavel delivers a wide programme of live theatre, music, films and meeting facilities to people living in and visiting Dartmouth and is increasingly seen as one of the top entertainment destinations in the South West. It is also widely used by local societies, clubs and schools.

For an informal chat, call Keith Pockett on 01803 752588  or email a brief background to

Alternatively, please write to Keith Pockett, Chairman, The Flavel Centre Trust, Flavel Place, Dartmouth, Devon TQ6 9ND.

For more about the Flavel visit  The Flavel

Closing date: September 17th 2012                                       

Registered Charity No. 1082208Image

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By The Dart creates Pinterest account (and why we bothered).

Why ‘By The Dart’ decided to build a account!

You may have noticed the way the internet is becoming obsessed with imagery? Well the By The Dart team realised there was an additional newish social media site called Pinterest that appeared to be taking over the planet, such was its phenomenal growth from last Autumn.

So we investigated and guess what? It’s really good. We feel it is exactly the site to help us achieve our aims of promoting and celebrating Dartmouth life! The idea behind it is very, very simple. You join and open an account, so far so good. Then you create a ‘Board’ with one click and you have an internet Pin Board (hence ‘Pin’terest) Then the fun starts. You download a little ‘button’ onto your tool bar. Then when you are on a website that has an image you really love, you click the little button and it enables you to pin the image to the board you just created. Simple.

You can have as many boards as you like and you try to call them by catchy titles so they appeal. Then you carry on pinning images on a regular basis, keeping the images true to the topic of the board title.

Then the clever stuff happens. You remember I called Pinterest a social media site? The social bit means you can share images, or Pins, with anyone else on Pinterest. You can also click to follow someone’s collection or just one of their boards if you wish. The good thing is that when you pin an image from someone’s website, the image carries with it the link back to the website. You can just like an image or add your comments, just like on Facebook.So most people will be happy for you to pin an image from them because it is spreading and promoting their website for them.

So everybody is happy? Well yes, they seem to be. The site is very addictive and you get drawn into the wonderful images and some are really stunning!

Over the coming weeks we will be building up our boards and hopefully our followers. We want to celebrate Dartmouth and local businesses to the world. Promote the area as a destination where people want to visit and stay.

It should be an easy job, Dartmouth is so photogenic and you can help. Send your photos to our Facebook page and we will pin the best ones on Pinterest. Suggest titles for new boards we can create. Also please tell your friends about our new site and help us get it off the ground. Either leave your comments here, Tweet or Facebook them.

Let us have your feedback and any ideas you have to improve the way we do things. We’re all ears!

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By The Dart – Dining Out Club – August 2012


Exclusive – By The Dart ‘Dining Out Club’ Offers

August 2012

Check out our exclusive offers

Royal Castle Hotel Grill Room: Crab Festival Dinner
Spice Bazaar: Four for the price of three
Sails Restaurant: Early Bird Offer £16
Taylors: three courses for the price of two
TwentySix: Two dine out for £26!
Spice Bazaar: 25 % discount on all take-away deliveries
full details below

 The Royal Castle Hotel

Thursday 2nd August – Crab Festival Dinner: A talk by Monty Halls from 6 – 7.30pm (Call 01803 864894 to book your place on the talk with Visit South Devon) followed by a special crab themed menu, as well as our a la carte menu. The talk will be FREE of charge and By The Dart Dining Out Club members will receive 10% off their bill for the evening.

The Spice Bazaar

Four for the price of three: from Monday through to Wednesday during August. In parties of four, the cheapest is free (excluding drinks). Bank Holidays excluded. Call 01803 832224


Taylors Restaurant

Three course lunch for the price of 2 courses: Available during August. Enjoy a three course Lunch but pay for just two courses from our set menu. E.g. 2 courses would cost £14.50 instead of £17.50. Call 01803 832748 


Sails Restaurant 

Early Bird Offer from 6pm – 7pm – 2 courses for £16 (special menu) during August. Phone 01803 839281


TwentySix Café & Bistro
Dine out at TwentySix for £26.00!: Dartmouth’s newest restaurant.

Two courses for two people when you dine with us on a Tuesday and Thursday evening. A special menu is available exclusively for Dining Out Club members on those evenings. You can choose a starter and a main course or a dessert and a main course.  
Call 01803 832882 

The Spice Bazaar

25% off takeaway deliveries: Great offer exclusively for Dining Out Club members during August. Call 01803 832224

To join our exclusive Dining Out Club and take advantages of great offers such as these, simply send us your email address.

Membership is currently FREE.

Send your email to:

PS. if looking for a telephone numbers etc of local restaurants, you can check on our website


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By The Dart – Dining Out Club

By The Dart  ‘Dining Out Club’ gets under way in June!

After much preparation and anticipation our food club burst into life in June. Although the response was quite small,  club members who took part seem to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

By The Dart will continue to add new restaurants and of course membership is still open to all. To apply for free membership simply send your request by email to: That’s all you have to do.

We currently have well over 100 members and numbers are growing all the time.

Below are comments from members about some of the June offers,

“Hi Mark

By the Dart Dining Out Club

We have taken advantage of the dining out club offers by booking 2 Summer Supper Club evenings at Manna from Devon.We do not usually eat out at lunch time, largely due to work commitments, and so have not taken up any of the other offers.

We await with anticipation the July newsletter offers.

Kind Regards ”

Val B


“Hi Mark

We have enjoyed two super events .

Royal Castle Hotel Grill Room – the food was lovely and the service excellent. We now have a loyalty card from them and so get £10 off our next meal there!.

The Angel, Italian Cooking Demonstration.

Since there was only four of us the chef Steve Bulmer not only demonstrated how to prepare all the food but gave us hands on experience, all in the Angel kitchen!  He is an excellent teacher and gave us loads of information and advice about cooking. We did far more than we were expecting form  the details for the day. We made pasta and then learnt how to use  a pasta machine properly.  We  have since  found a pasta machine in  Lidls and have successfully repeated his method.  We made a delicious Italian bread called focaccia from flour and semolina. He showed us how to prepare pork fillet for medallions, mackerel fillets and stripping a crab which we all then had a go at doing. We have learnt about the intricacies of making  panacotta and also how to make torta Caprese which is a gluten free choc brownie from almonds. We then sat down in the restaurant and were served up the 6 courses we had made. It was a great day and we will certainly sign up for the next instalment!

Kind regards”

L and A

We welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please leave comments.

July offers will be sent to members shortly.


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By The Dart, Dining Out Club June offers

By The Dart Offers for June 2012 – Dining Out Club

To become a member of the new By The Dart ‘Dining Out Club’ simply send your email to mark@bythedart asking to join. That’s it! We will then email you exclusive offers once or twice a month and you book whichever you fancy, quoting your membership number and the unique code on each offer.

1) The Angel, Dartmouth: 01803 839425

Italian Cookery Demonstration by Stephen Bulmer

Exclusive to By the Dart Dining Club Members

followed by:

Three Course Italian Lunch in the Restaurant

Stephen Bulmer, head chef at The Angel, Dartmouth spent several years working for Giorgio Locatelli at his Michelin-starred restaurant Zafferano, in London’s Knightsbridge before going on to run Raymond Blanc’s cookery school at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons. During his time at Zafferano, Steve not only perfecting his pasta and pizza-making techniques, but also developed a deep love for authentic, regional dishes using traditional Italian ingredients and condiments. This exclusive By the Dart cookery demonstration and lunch is Steve’s first opportunity to use his teaching skills since he arrived at The Angel, Dartmouth last January. He is looking forward to sharing the knowledge he gained at Zafferano with By the Dart Dining Club members.

Three-Course Italian Lunch Menu

Salad of Pear and Gorgonzola, White Balsamic Dressing


Grilled Sardines with Salsa Verde


Home-Made Linguine with Local Crab, Parsley, Lemon and Chilli


Medallions of Pork with a Mustard Fruit Crust, Pancetta, Spinach, Borlotti Beans in Tomato Sauce


Pannacotta with Raspberries


Torta Caprese (Dark Chocolate and Almond Torte from the Amalfi Coast) with Mascarpone

Timing: 10.30am Arrival and Coffee, 11am Cookery Demonstration, 12.30pm Lunch

Price: £32.00 per person

T&Cs: Demonstration and Lunch Offer open to By The Dart Dining Club members only, subject to availability. Booking essential with By The Dart Dining Club code given at time of booking. Please advise any special dietary requirements at time of booking.

2) Stoke Lodge Hotel: 01803 770523

Offer throughout the month of June:-  ‘When the sun shines have an Al Fresco lunch – Two Courses for £12.00’

From 10th to 17th June we are offering the following Dinner Deals:-

Half a Fresh Lobster, served with either Salad, French Fries and Mayonnaise or Thermidor @ £18.00 per head


Chateaubriand for Two People, served with French Fries, Béarnaise Sauce and all the Trimmings for £38.00 for 2

3) Sails Restaurant: 01803 839281

Our offer for your members will be limited this month to lunch times only.

commencing from the 21/06/2012 to the 21/07/2012. our offer will

include a free starter or dessert when purchasing a main course. our

lunch time opening time will be 12:30 til 14:30 the offer will be

valid between these times Thursday to Saturday.

4) The Royal Castle Hotel, Grill Room: 01803 833033

We will be offering BTD dining club members a lunchtime offer,

In order to celebrate our fantastic new Grill Room Summer Menu we will be offering BTD dining club members a free starter or dessert when they buy any main course in our Grill Room Restaurant at lunchtime.

Choose from tasty summer salads, fresh seafood and much more.

This offer is valid for from Monday 18th June until 30th June, and does not include Sunday Carvery.

5) Manna from Devon Cooking School : 01803 752943 

10% off our Cooking School Summer Suppers: Enjoy one of our new Summer Suppers when we will be serving a delicious dinner reflecting some of our culinary adventures.  21st June – Provencal Supper. 19th July – Mediterranean Spain. 16th August – South East Asian Flavours. 20th September – Italian Autumn.  Suppers cost £25pp but extra 10% off for By The Dart Dining Out Club members when booking 2 or more places. Please bring your own drinks.  

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By The Dart – Competition winners announced

Following our, unsurprisingly popular, ‘Win a Kindle for Christmas’ competition we are delighted to announce the winners are:

Paul Pichowski

Carol Wilson

More great competitions and prize draws coming up soon…..

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